THE WILD WITCH; a course in shamanic plant spirit herbalism

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THE WILD WITCH; a course in shamanic plant spirit herbalism


I am a witch of the wild, a seeker of the wise-woman ways, the Goddess traditions and of shamanism. One of my favorite ways to practice these teachings is to walk through a forest, go into the desert or stroll alongside the ocean to meet with the plant spirits that reside there. I ask them for wisdom, blessings and guidance...and also to receive their leaves, twigs, branches, flowers, seeds, and such, that I will use later to craft magical tinctures, incense, and oils. In my home, I have dedicated a walk-in closet as my apothecary, where there are jars and jars of dried plant material, and bottles and bottles of aromatic oils, and the many items that I have made from them. This beautiful course is my way of inviting you into my private apothecary, to share with you all that I have learned, and all that I now know of this ancient, shamanic, magical and deeply fulfilling craft.

An 'apothecary' is the long ago name for both the early chemist, or druggist and the storehouse where they kept their supplies. He - or she was well versed in the art of herbal remedy, incense craft and also healing. This practice later evolved into what we now know of as the pharmacist and their pharmacies. But, even before the apothecary,  and way before the modern pharmacists, it was to the 'woman in the woods', the hedgewitch or the wise-woman that we turned to for physical and spiritual medicine. She knew how to journey into the wild, into nature and call upon the subtle essence of a resin, herb, root, flower or leaf, and travel deep into the plant realm to meet with its spirit. 

She then incorporated these plant materials into her potions, tinctures, and elixirs for blessing, protection, purification, healing, and transformation.  Walking between the worlds, she called upon her ancestors, her spirit guides, and her plant spirit allies to share their magic with her.  The wise-woman lived her life in harmony with nature, saw plants as her helpers, and shared these blessings and special, magical wisdom with those who sought her assistance. There was a time when we revered the wise-woman as healer, and a time when we feared her as witch, but now the time has come to revisit her...for her plant magic and wild wisdom are our birthright.

For this 9 month self-study course - with optional certfifcation as a Magical Herbalist (additional fee applies), I have carefully chosen a selection of my most favorite, most powerful, and most magical plants for you to work with. You will learn to journey with them just like the wise-woman;  meeting with their essence and traveling deep down into the plant spirit realm to learn of their magic and blessings. You'll explore shamanic herbalism, handcrafted incense making and mystical aromatherapy all while stocking your own magical apothecary with these special aromatic plants, resins, woods and oils. You'll study the planetary hours and days, and learn to call upon the power of the moon, the planets, and the Zodiac to amplify and activate the plants that you are working with. 

Each month you'll receive a beautifully designed, printable, digital lesson filled with detailed plant spirit profiles, references, charts, forms, resource links and many how-to guides for crafting magical oils, powders, incense, essences, elixirs, potions, tinctures and perfumes. 


PLANT SPIRITS: the practice of shamanic herbalism

  • Roots & Seeds
  • Flowers & Leaves
  • Woods & Resins

SACRED SMOKE: the magic of handcrafted incense

  • Dreaming & Divination
  • The Moon, The Sun & The Planets 
  • Prayer & Spirits

ANOINTING OILS: the art of mystical aromatherapy

  • Purification & Protection
  • Blessing & Healing
  • Sacred Sexuality


  • Plant profiles for all the featured roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, woods, & resins with their associated planet, element, Zodiac, gender, & their mystical, magical associations and uses.


  • Reference charts for the planetary/lunar phase/Zodiac hours & days - and more, for the magical timing of your potions, rituals & spells


  • How-to guides for magical:
    • spells
    • teas
    • tinctures
    • waters
    • bath salts
    • soaps
    • powders
    • essences
    • unguents
    • and more!


  • The full online course is 9 months long.
  • There are 3 modules of digital lessons; Plant Spirits, Sacred Smoke and Anointing Oils. 
  • Each module is 3 months long.
  • Each module has 3 main lessons, along with additional material made availble each month. 


  • 9 Month Online/Digital Lessons/Self-Study Course: $500.
  • Payment plans available, please inquire.
  • Once you purchase your tuition, you will receive an email within 24 hours with links to complete your enrollment in the course via The Mystery School of The Goddess website.
  • Apologies, but this course is not subject to coupons, sales or discounts.
  • Please note that once you purchase your tuition, or enroll in a payment plan, it is not refundable for any reason.


  • Subscribe to The Wild Witch Monthly Apothecary Box, where you'll receive up to 1 ounce each of all the featured roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, woods, or resins for each lesson, along with some supplies to get you started with the laboratory lessons. $69 each, includes US shipping. International shipping, please inquire. Please email for links to start your subscription.
  • Towards the end of your course, you will be invited to apply for a certification of completion as a Magical Herbalist, which includes an additional month of digital lessons guiding you to create and complete a final project inspired by the course material. Once your final project has been completed, you will receive a digital certificate suitable for framing. Please note that this certifcation option is priced separately; $100.


As a special bonus gift, you'll receive Plant Magic of the Moona lovely mini e-course with anointing oil recipes for divination, dreaming and intuition. You will receive this bonus within 24 hours of purchase. 


Take the course in-person!

© 2016 Renée Starr

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