Rich, potent and powerful, these beautifully written and designed ritual magic, wise woman, herbalism and shamanism courses are the wisdom teachings that you have been searching for!  Collect them all and print them out to create your own 'Goddess Book of Shadows' - as each one is a beautiful keepsake! Check back courses are always being uploaded.


"I am loving The Wild Witch course; it is worth its weight in gold."  - Nirmala

"From the first class with Renée, I knew my life was going to positively change from this point forward.  She Is a beautifully warm, nurturing, and grounded wild soul as well as an infinite plethora of knowledge. Call her the "Webster" of the Witching World!  The best part of it all she wants to share all of her years of experience with all of us. The amount of endlessly detailed information she offers is mind blowing. Meticulously thought out courses chocked full of magical teachings and discoveries. Thank you Renee you are truly a Master at your craft!" - Kelly

"I have been on the quest for spiritual knowledge for some time and through this journey have found rare the teachers that have full knowledge of their subject matter and are genuine in their guidance and gifts. Renée Starr has provided me information that can not be easily found in books as it is through her rich life experience as a wild witch and her intuition passed down through her guides. I have been awarded a gift by her teachings and express much gratitude for her time, dedication, tools (tangible and intangible) that she has given me." - Mia

"One of the MANY things I love about Renée's class is the richness of the material that she teaches. Renee's depth of knowledge of all that she teaches is amazing. I look forward to studying with Renee for many years to come. I am so glad I found her teachings!" - Hillarie

"I've always been drawn to witchcraft, unseen spirits, the moon and stars animals and nature.  I felt different from people and hid my secret.  In Renee's class I have finally found a place to learn my true calling.  She is here to share her wisdom and experience  and teach us the way of old, wisdom passed down from the ancient sages in a safe and loving atmosphere.  I highly recommend her classes if you really want to learn and live this life."
- Dede

"I have studied with several well known teachers over the years taking 6 month or 9 month courses. Renee is by far the best teacher I have studied with. I enjoyed my other classes and the teachers were great but Renee is very connected to her class and each of her students. The lessons are full of information and she always responds to our emails & is very active on our private Facebook page. Our live class is so much fun, and very interactive with the students, and the time flies by, too fast! I would not hesitate to take another class with her."  - Bonnie

"The Wild Witch Course has exceeded my expectations. Presented in a beautiful format, the lessons are in-depth and open-ended, allowing for self-exploration and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The course is rich with ritual as well as hands-on exploration and activities. With Renee's generous and loving guidance I've gained an appreciation of plants as my helpers and allies and have forged a connection to the wild, natural world. The live calls with Renee have been a favorite part of the course for me as our conversations cover so much fascinating material. The guided journeys are deep, and the collective group energy is amazing. Renee's enthusiasm for her subject and her flair for sharing information is contagious and has helped me to claim my own wild heart." - Jane                                                                    ________________________________________________


All classes are available for purchase via The Mystery School of The Goddess website. (Please do not add these courses or rituals to the shopping cart on this website!) Once you purchase, you will receive an email from Mystery School of The Goddess to complete your enrollment. You can also click on the links for each class to be directed to its description and enrollment page. Questions? Email me:


THE WILD WITCH; a certification course in magical plant spirit herbalism
$500 - click on the link for tuition specials & payment plans info!

For this 9 month course with optional certification is the only one of its kind! I have carefully chosen a selection of my most favorite, most powerful, and most magical plants for you to work with. 

You will learn to create a personal relationship with the plants just like the wise-women of ancient times, exploring the way of the wild and meeting with the essence of each plant to study its magic and receive its blessings. 

You'll experience shamanic journeys with the plants, learn how to crafted plant and resin based incense, practice mystical aromatherapy, and perform spellwork - all while working with the many featured aromatic plants, resins, woods and oils. You'll also study the planetary hours and days, and call upon the power of the moon, the sun, the planets, and the Zodiac to amplify and activate the plants that you are working with...and learn so much more in this magical, shamanic and spiritual path of the wild witch.

Also available / priced separately: Apothecary Boxes filled with the featured plants and laboratory supplies for each lesson. Free US shipping. Click on class link for more info. (International shipping available - please inquire.) 

THE WILD SOUL; animal spirit shamanism 
$150 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll
During this profoundly insightful and deeply mystical 6 month course, we will call upon the helpful spirits of 6 powerful totem animals; crow, hummingbird, snake, butterfly, coyote, and spider, and learn to work with 6 sacred plant incenses; sage, cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, palo santo and tobacco while we perform their beautiful rituals of blessing and ceremony. This course is designed for each lesson to bring you deeper and deeper on a journey of self-exploration, insight, healing and self-counsel into the wild of your soul, and into the upper and lower worlds of the shamanic realms. Included in this course are the featured sacred plant incenses, anointing oils, journals for your shamanic journeys, and an mP3 download of shamanic meditation music. Free US shipping. (International shipping available - please inquire.) 

$200 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll

Are you called by the light of the moon, the deeper mysteries of life and the wild unknown of your inner-most self?

Long ago, women devoted themselves not only to The Goddess, but also to the moon. Gone now are the temples they worshipped in, but not gone is the wisdom, ritual and ceremony they have left behind.

Reclaim the ancient teachings for yourself with this 9 month certification course, and call upon the light of the moon to deepen your relationship with the lunar cycles of your body, and discover how to use your own inner moon magic for all areas of your life. 

FREE! - click on the link to enroll!

Magic is the natural and innate ability that you possess to gather towards you all of the subtle, unseen forces of the universe and direct them to affect your path in life, the wellbeing of your body, the will of your mind and the depth of your emotions—and often to affect the outcome of most circumstances. Whenever I am working magically, I can feel the energies moving through me, as me. I can feel the flow of nature, the power of the universe and the essence of the planets—most especially the moon…and you’ll learn to experience this, too.

$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll
The art of Magical Plant Spirit Herbalism is rich with correspondences and associations to the planets, the sun...and the moon. These plant associations can be incorporated into spells, invocations, prayers, meditations and other magical rituals. Learn about it all when you enroll in this lovely minI-course...which is a prelude to 9 Month WILD WITCH magical plant spirit herbalism course.

CALLING DOWN THE STARS: a mini-course in celestial magic
$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll
Just as we draw, or 'call down the moon', we can also call down the stars and infuse their spectacular essence into our lives. In this course, you'll learn about the zodiac from the unique perspective of Esoteric Astrology, which is the study of the soul as it incarnates through each sign, and how to perform ritual for the sacred intentions associated with each of the 12 zodiacal constellations.

$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll

From the moment women learned to work with herbs and oils to attract lovers, scent their bodies and call upon the goddesses of passion, sex and romance…love magic was born.

You’ll call upon several powerful goddesses of love, and use the associated herbs, oils, resins, roots and blooms to handcraft elixirs, enchantments, incense and anointing blends for many the aspects of love, passion, sex and pleasure.

You’ll be guided to deepen your passion, your self-love, and to elevate the vibration of your heart so that it shines like a beacon to attract the beloved who is meant just for you, or deepen the loving relationship that you are already in.

$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll

A woman who is working with this element is working with one of the most ancient of Goddess qualities, which is that of creation and destruction. In almost every culture there are goddesses associated with fire, volcanoes, and lightning. They are the keepers of the sacred fires who remind us that once, long ago…fire belonged to woman.

It is said that the Universe began with a big bang and was literally brought into being from the nothingness by the fiery, silent flames of a deep space explosion. To set something on fire is to set something into motion. It is an alchemical action that cannot be undone. It is the complete destruction of one thing, to create a completely new thing. Fire is death, it is birth, and it is power. What will you destroy by fire in order to create with intention?

$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll

In this lovely Spring Equinox ritual, you will learn candle and herbal magic for rituals for letting go of the old/bringing in the new, and for planting seeds, ideas and wishes for the future. You’ll also explore the Maiden Goddesses of Spring to activate and awaken your own inner maiden, and receive recipes for handcrafted Ostara incense and for making natural plant dyes to decorate your Ostara or Easter eggs – which are a powerful symbol of this season of growth, fertility/creativity and beginnings.

$20 - click on the link to for full description & to enroll

In this lovely Winter Solstice ritual you will learn candle and crystal magic, and an herbal incense and traditional Yule oatcake recipe for a timeless ritual and ceremony that you can use each and every year. Bonus material includes an original retelling of Hekate’s myth that you can read for yourself, or during a Goddess Circle. Also included are ceremonial/altar inspirations for each of the goddesses, and a full Winter Solstice ritual for the season.

Are you in the Los Angeles area? Many of the above classes are also taught in-person! CLICK HERE for more information. 

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