Award-Winning Finalist in the 'Spirituality: Inspirational'

category of the 2016 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS!

Award-Winning Finalist in the 'Spirituality:

Inspirational' category of the 2016 BEST BOOK AWARDS!

The Age of Woman is Here

You may not know yourself as a goddess; your feminine energy is out of balance and your divine essence has yet to awaken. But the time has come, right now, for you to know that being a woman is special, sacred, and divine. Every woman deserves to know herself in this way. You Are Woman, You Are Divine is a guide to help you reclaim all the beauty, grace, and strength that being female is.

Return to your ancient roots, learn the timeless wisdom of your mythic history, and discover how you are the embodiment of the highest feminine Essence of the world—The Divine Feminine. Understand why over many centuries, a woman’s relationship with Her has become increasingly lost to us, and why now is the right time to bring Her back into your life.

Restore the goddess qualities that are innately within you, by reading seven inspiring feminine myths of many cultures that teach you how to reactivate your essences of Power, Creativity, Stillness, Passion, Voice, Wisdom, and Awakening. Create special Goddess rituals—invocations, meditation, crystals, totems, anointing with aromatic oils, and bathing—to honor yourself and your connection to Her.

Remember yourself into wholeness, reawaken to the sacredness of your goddess body and begin to see it as beautiful in every way. Reacquaint yourself with the cyclical seasons of a woman’s life and with the Great Mother Moon who guides your lunar nature and your moontime blood.

Within this book, you will discover how to celebrate The Divine Feminine within you, shine your inner light onto those around you, and come back to The Goddess to be a part of the energetic shift needed to heal the world today. Through you, magnificent things are possible.

Together, we can transform our lives!


A piece of  the puzzle was missing. And you, well...It feels like your work has solidified everything and birthed me back to the Goddess.
Carrie H.

I just received your amazing book on Friday - it is so much more than I could have imagined! I sent you a friend request on Facebook to write you a thank you message as soon as I laid eyes upon it. I am so grateful! Thank you so much.
Isabelle S.

It is the most amazing book I have read in a long time and I believed is one of those books that need to be read by many women...
It is sacred. And I am deeply grateful for it.

Free S.

I've loved reading the book, I've gone cover to cover once, and sometimes I'll just flip to a section and read at random, whatever calls to me that day. 
Marisa R.

THANK YOU for helping to bring me back to the Goddess and helping me to empower myself using the moon.
Carol O.

I am reading You are woman You are Divine. I am only half way through the book, but just have to say thank you for writing this book!!!! This book is exactly what I needed and speaks to my very soul! Thank you is not enough to say! 
Sara L.

Deep inside me, a part of me is now softly crying from relief… because I finally found her! Starting from the acknowledgement section up to only chapter two. The words of this book are like honey pouring onto my soul. It is already healing me… This is not about big aha moments of understanding… it is a transformation and knowing that everything brought me to this. It is a feeling that it is going to transform me, my life and my career in a way that is so good that I want to write poetry about it… I am so thankful. Thank you, Thank you! Thank you Renée Starr for your journey. Thank you for my guidance that led me to your book. My faith is now stronger.
Magie R.

I began to experience this rebalancing long ago as I explored and received Wisdom from the Biblical Goddess of the same name, from Kuan-yin, and, most recently, in a deepening, and understanding of how Jewish women in the life of Jesus and the early church were the source of a compelling grace and wisdom. I will continue the journey, and this book will accompany me along the way.
Robert R.

I highly recommend this book if for no other reason than to just indulge yourself. Allow yourself the peace this book has to offer. Work with the journaling prompts. Allow yourself to submerge yourself and really think about the path you are on. If the journaling prompts in the book are not enough then, please pick up the companion journal with the same title. Reading and writing enjoyment all in one. A truly magnificent book.
Marie M.

I couldn’t stop reading until the very end, because it packed with useful information and thoughtful narrative. Thumbs up for this one.
Rhen C.

Within these pages you will find your past, present, and future in terms of your evolution as a woman. You will receive the tools necessary to reconnect to the lost feminine energy within you, gain insight through thoughtful journaling opportunities, and learn to build a sisterhood of goddess support around you. Any woman who is feeling disconnected from the Divine feminine will find this book extremely valuable.


You Are Woman, You Are Divine is inspired. You can’t read it without feeling the presence of The Divine Feminine, the ancient goddess energy, moving in your bones. It is so beautifully written and woven together; I’m enthralled and I can’t stop reading it even though I should be packing for a trip. My suitcase sits empty as I turn the pages . . . . filling my soul with much needed food. Women, we are being called home to our true essential natures. By nurturing the timeless presence of Her, we realize She is already within us. Open this book and unlock the door to important myths, mysteries, goddesses and rituals that were lovingly chosen by Renée Starr. Her deep connection with The Divine Feminine leaps off the pages and enters the psyche in rich and meaningful ways. This extraordinary work brings us close to The Beloved, to Freedom and ultimately to honor our own Sacred–Self. I will give this book to my friends.
—Terry Laszlo-Gopadze, Editor of The Spirit of a Woman: Stories to Empower and Inspire

We live in a modern world where women are expected to achieve greatness, look perfect and made to feel like they are never enough. You Are Woman You Are Divine is a great handbook that gracefully leads women into “beingness” and less into “doingness” and ultimately into their divine feminine self. Through her writing, Renée Starr strives to guide women to restore their inner feminine light, create an energetic shift to claim peace, harmony and well-being. Through transforming ourselves, we can transform the world.
Mary Ann Halpin, photographer and author of  Fearless Women and Visions of a New World

Divine Femininity is a mystery, and the experience of it is always mystical. We can only speak about it in metaphor—it cannot be directly defined, but instead must be evoked from within. Renée Starr in her amazing book You Are Woman You Are Divine uses myth, storytelling, concrete examples, and ceremonial instruction to give the reader a roadmap for what she calls the “journey back to The Goddess.” Every woman would benefit from reading it, no matter how old. In my opinion, it should be required readIng for every female high school senior so that she will enter her journey into mature womanhood fully aware of her own power, facing her destiny well-informed and metaphorically girded!
Connie Kaplan, author of The Woman’s Book of Dreams, Dreams are Letters from the Soul, and The Invisible Garment

Beautifully designed, thorough and inspirational, Renée Starr’s You Are Woman, You Are Divine cap- tures the essence of the Sacred Feminine reawakened within its pages. It is a creative and splendidly researched vehicle for those walking down the Goddess path for the first time, as well as a delightful refresher for those already enjoying a sacred relationship with Goddess. Appealing to both left and right brain, Renée Starr’s new book combines Goddess mythology and its relevance today, along with how to work with different facets of the Feminine essence. Readers find their understanding of Goddess mythology morphing into self-help and self-knowledge, encouraging women in particular to heal, come into wholeness and find their Sacred Roar!
—Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, author of Goddess Calling and Host of “Voices of the Sacred Feminine Radio” 

The return of the Divine Feminine is essential to the maturation of human spirituality both as indi- viduals and as a species. In the Bible’s Book of Proverbs, we learn that Wisdom, the Divine Feminine, sends out her disciples, all of whom are women, to call humanity to Her feast of enlightenment. Renée Starr’s You Are Woman You Are Divine not only introduces you to the Divine Feminine, but trains you to share Her invitation to wisdom. Read this book, and more importantly, practice what she teaches.
—Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author of The Divine Feminine and Embracing the Divine Feminine

Weaving the history and stories of Goddesses throughout time, You Are Woman, You Are Divine, in- vites you on a sacred journey to reclaim your feminine wisdom. With Renée’s practical activities and rituals, you will reconnect with your true essence and the beauty that is you.
—Sheri Gaynor, author of Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art

Renée Starr has provided us with divine reading material. Her renditions of the ancient goddesses are creative, diverse, and inspirational. This book is a wonderful and flowing addition to the literature of the Divine Feminine, and a much needed resource for young women.
—Rabbi Leah Novick, author of On the Wings of Shekhinah: Re-Discovering Judaism’s Divine Feminine