THE DARK MOON GODDESS meditation & shamanic journey


THE DARK MOON GODDESS meditation & shamanic journey


Whenever the Lunar Goddess takes us deep into her dark moon
phase, it is an opportunity to explore this as a place of mystery, feminine power and the wild unknown.

Called the ‘great void’ or ‘womb of the moon’, this phase is one of potent transformation and delicious stillness. In earlier times, this phase was when women sat together under a dark, moonless sky and talked softly of things mysterious, ancient and female. Today, the dark moon is an opportunity for everyone - both men and women, to be still, tranquil and quiet...for within this space of darkness, quiet and calm, we can rebirth, recreate and revive our essence on the deepest levels.

The dark moon is a place of mystery, shadow and private, hidden, secretive feelings, emotions and desires. To go ‘into’ this place is to go into the deepest part of your psyche, and sort through your deepest pain, hurts and wounds…and to also sort through your deepest desires—both sexual and creative. It is another world 'in' there, another dimension and another consciousness that can only be accessed by the stilling of your conscious mind, and the awakening of your subconscious mind.

Like the full moon, the dark moon is a time of suspension, where she hovers between the light and the dark, the waxing and the waning and between this world and the next. The veils between these worlds are very thin during a dark moon, and so it is advised that no magic, ritual or manifestation take place unless it is to honor and celebrate the essence of this moon time.

We'll explore the ancient rituals and lore of the dark moon - and how to use this wisdom in our modern lives. Then we'll travel deep into this mysterious lunar essence via a shamanic drumming journey where we will meet with the Dark Moon Goddess for special messages and insights.

Plan to arrive early (at 6:00/6:30) to enjoy a mystical and magical presentation of event host Leigh McCloskey's amazing shamanic artwork - not to be missed! 

RSVP: or call 310-457-5398
Malibu location TBA upon RSVP


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