Every woman has a bit of the shamaness within her.

It is the part of you that finds meaning in fallen feathers, dreams to the sound of drumming, and is followed by the spirit of raven, crow, wolf and jaguar wherever you go. This part of you knows the magic of synchronicity, the power of rivers, tides, fire and wind - and is able to train her mind and spirit to walk between the worlds, straddle realities and shift consciousness at will.

Shaman woman looks to the moon for guidance, bathes in its light and follows its journey across the sky with a keen knowing that everything in the universe is...

Posted on December 26, 2015 .


Tonight's full moon in Gemini is an extra special blessing, as it arrives just before the holiday of 'Thanksgiving' for those of us living in the United States. A beloved holiday with bitter roots that grow deep in our nation's soil, it reminds us of a shameful time in our history - but has evolved to become a time of giving thanks and for being grateful, which are two very powerful aspects of the full moon, and profoundly reflects the duality essence of Gemini.

As the light of the moon grows, so does her power, and as she swells with light we can tap into this increase to amplify our...

Posted on November 25, 2015 .


I woke spontaneously from a deep sleep while the sky was a dark sapphire blue and the rising sun was still hours away. I felt as if someone had just whispered in my ear; now, Renée, now.

Staring at me from outside my bedroom window was a huge, glowing Isis Moon', with five very large, very bright planets all lined up above her. I went to the window and blinked a few times, completely in awe of the celestial event I was witnessing, and then let out a long sigh while wondering if I might still be sleeping and this was a dream. 

The moon often wakes me up as she makes her way across the night sky, and the four tall french windows across from my bed are the perfect frame for her easterly ascent. I sometimes wonder why I wake up to the moon, and think that it's because I am...

Posted on November 11, 2015 .