For me, it is the dark moon that sets the tone of the entire lunar cycle, with her irresistible mysteries and primal, untamed nature stalking me like a she-wolf in the night. The dark moon beckons us to follow her deep, deep down into the dark forest of the psyche, where words fall soundless to the ground and the stirrings of the soul, emotions and feelings reign supreme.

A time of prayer, insight, meditation and stillness, the dark moon's silent, unseen essence can help us to discover how wild we truly are. By going deep within to reveal what is hidden, unhealed and unrealized, we can recover our lost sense of freedom, and recover permission to be free...and wild. Each month, I study the dark moon's aspects, and I find that this reveals not only the hidden underpinnings of lunar wisdom, but it also becomes a powerful guide for my wild-side. 

Using 'Esoteric Astrology' - which focuses upon the soul's cyclical journey of incarnations through each of the 12 zodiacal signs, and the Mansions of the Moon - which are the 28 constellations of stars that the moon appears to move through each month, we will explore the wilder, darker side of the moon and our own wild, dark side, as well. 

"She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess.” 
- Roman Payne


The dark moon occurs on March 8th or 9th, depending on the calendar source you use (this post refers to the 9th), and lasts until the 10th. It coincides with the first super moon of the year, and a total solar eclipse. On March 7th, at 7:08 pm UTC the moon moves into the sign of Pisces, the Bearer of The Light of Life, and remains there until March 9th at 7:40 pm when it moves into the sign of Aries. Calculate your current time zone here.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the darkest part of the moon’s shadow, which is called the umbra, envelopes part of the Earth. If you are standing standing where the umbra falls, you will see the moon pass in front of the sun for about four minutes. You may also be able to see the sun's sparkling corona peeking out from behind the moon.

Second to the oldest of the zodiac signs, Aquarius, the esoteric essence of Pisces is that of the realization of creation, the light of life, and the joining of the soul to the personality. It is also an essence of death and transformation.

If you remember, last month the Aquarius dark moon shined her crystalline light deep into the depths of our soul, cleansing us to the core. Now we experience the light of Pisces as she brings forth the Light of All, Everything and the Light of Life itself in order to dispel the world's darkness...forever. Pisces is a sign of alchemical duality, the merging of two polarities to create harmony and oneness. Pisces activates the merging of the physical with the spiritual, the soul and the God, The Goddess and the woman, and the making of the formless into form. Pisces says to our soul, “Go forth into matter. Become.” 

I find that a Pisces dark moon, which is a moon of death and transformation is the perfect time to ask myself; what do I wish to discontinue, and what do I wish to create, become, and realize? And then I make preparations for my new moon wishes when I will ask for whatever it is that my soul desires. I'll do this when the light of the new moon appears. Both this sign and this phase are about the dispelling of darkness and emerging into the light. It is a time of death and rebirth, and so I will also begin preparations for releasing whatever is ready to 'die' in order to make room for whatever is ready to be 'born', in a ritual that I will perform on the full moon.  

During any dark moon, which hovers over the threshold of what is known and what is unknown, look deeply into your own 'darkness', find what is hidden there, what is unrevealed and unknown to you and then cast light to reveal your truths, wisdom and power.

Ask yourself during this dark moon, where am I more comfortable, in the knowing or the not knowing? Lately, I have been feeling as if I all I want is to do is become more and know everything. I have so little patience these days for the slow, incremental reveal of life's mysteries. While everything in my practical mind tells me to relax, wait and stay tuned...the moonwild side of me says to rip the ribbons and bows off of the neatly wrapped present that is this moment, to see immediately what is inside, because in order for me to become that which I am destined to become, I need to  

What does this mean, really? In Piscean terms, it means stop hiding in the darkness, the smallness, the shadows and wherever you are not in a place of becoming. Pisces encourages you to disassemble your blockages, illusory limitations and unserving thoughts and become more. 


The moon is now passing through a constellation of stars that are called Al-Sharatain, which signifies a time of deep physical and spiritual healing and a time of beginnings, and a time that is especially favorable for starting new journeys - both physical and spiritual, and for making herbal medicines. Ancient texts reveal that the alchemists of India began their travels and crafted medicinal elixirs when the moon was in this mansion.

Like the sign of Pisces, this is a time of duality; endings and beginnings, health and illness, departures and arrivals. It is not a time for sharing your precious energy with others, for seeking romantic love or for making love, but rather a time for keeping your energy close to you, strengthening your inner essence, your life-light and heart space. Your inner wild moon woman will do well to go within for healing and insight at this time.


Fallen feathers, rocks and stones,
speak to me, tell me of your travels.

Patterns in the stars, shapes in the clouds, 
speak to me, tell me of your wisdom.

Blowing winds, crashing waves,
speak to me, tell me of your power.

O Great Mother, show me.
O Great Mother, lead me.
O Great Mother, infuse me,
with Your love, Your light and Your Wild Essence. 

I will watch, I will follow, and I will receive
all of this and more... 
as it is revealed to me,
shown to me and embodied within me.

And, so it is!


Poppy is a powerful plant spirit for times when you wish to escape reality, and enter the dreamtime. Poppy is in essence an 'illuminating' herb, in that it helps you to access the more esoteric bits of information that lie hidden way down in your wild soul. Mugwort is another dreaming plant that also encourages astral travel - which aligns with the lunar mansion aspects of this dark moon. I've added Angelica Root to this elixir to protect you as you travel down into the deep wild of this dark moon.

1/2 tsp of dried poppy flower
1/2 tsp of dried mugwort leaves
1/2 tsp of dried angelica root
Raw honey, agave or maple syrup to taste

Boil 8 ounces of spring water
Add dried flowers, leaves and roots, cover, let steep 5 mins.
Strain out plant material
Add sweetener
Sip slowly just before bedtime


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As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing
and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

Posted on March 7, 2016 .