moonwild: I hear the call

image credit: © 2016 back to the goddess

image credit: © 2016 back to the goddess

"Today, many women are feeling the call of something that they cannot name, cannot identify and cannot seem to find in the modern world. This call carries with it a feeling of longing and a hint of something wild, primitive, deep, untamed and very, very female. This is the call of the moon upon your womb, your blood and your soul, calling you home to yourself, to your feminine magic and to a practice of looking up at the moon in the night sky with an understanding that you are a part of her cycles, that you are lunar." - from the 9 Moons Lunar Priestess Course

The arrival of 2016 has lit a sacred fire under my feet that has me very busy promoting my book, writing the next one, teaching several new courses and on a mission to deepen my connection to my own wild, lunar, goddess self. You may be asking yourself how I could go deeper into all of this than I already am, but I assure there is always more, always deeper. 

These days, I find myself spending more time moongazing than ever before, and on one those moonlit nights an intuitive feeling came over me that it was time to change things up in a big way. I wasn't sure what that meant exactly, but I could sense that whatever and wherever these changes would be, they would have to reflect the feeling of being a wild, lunar goddess on earth. What does it mean to be 'wild'? For me, this is the feeling of being free, female, sovereign, answering only to my heart, and the permission to be radiant when untethered, truly gorgeous when untamed and at my most sexy when dancing under the stars to music that only I can hear.

Wild feels far away sometimes, like a vacation that I can't seem to schedule, or a persona that I dare not put on. But I want to change this. I want more wild in my life. Perhaps you do, too.

Stay tuned as this newsletter transforms from 'The Goddess Almanac' into 'moonwild', where you'll still find lots of inspiration for your journey back to The Goddess and many new ways to connect to the wild side of the moon. I'll see you next month on the dark moon with the full reveal of moonwild, but for now, please enjoy this month's redesigned Lunar's printable on legal size paper. 

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing
and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

Posted on January 13, 2016 .