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On the 14th, the Lunar Goddess takes us deep into her dark moon phase, the place of mystery, female power and the wild unknown. I like to call this the ‘great void’ or ‘womb of the moon’, as this phase is one of potent transformation and delicious stillness. Within this space of darkness, quiet and calm, you can rebirth yourself, recreate your life and revive your feminine essence. This month, we experience the darkness for three days; from the 14th until the 16th, when at last the appearance of the first sliver of new moon light becomes visible on the 17th.

In earlier times, this phase is when women collectively experienced their lunar bleeding, sitting together under a dark, moonless sky and talking softly of things mysterious, ancient and female. The dark moon is a time for being still, tranquil and quiet.

Like the full moon, the dark moon is a time of suspension, where she hovers between the light and the dark, the waxing and the waning and between this world and the next. The veils between these worlds are very thin during a dark moon, and so it is advised that no magic, ritual or manifestation take place unless it is to honor and celebrate the essence of this moon time.

I often hear from my women clients, that they do not know how to go ‘into the darkness’, and they ask, what does that even mean? I answer them with this wisdom, “The dark moon is a place of mystery, shadow and private, hidden, secretive feelings, emotions and desires. To go ‘into’ this place is to go into the deepest part of your psyche, and sort through your deepest pain, hurts and wounds…and to also sort through your deepest desires—both sexual and creative. We journey into these places via meditation, stillness, hypnosis and shamanic journeying. It is another world there, another dimension and another consciousness that can only be accessed by the stilling of our conscious mind, and the awakening of our subconscious mind. There, you will meet with The Dark Goddess, and your own dark goddess nature.”

During these next three dark moon days, I encourage you to go into the wildness of your female soul and into the part of your psyche that is uncharted, unknown and unrealized. What will you find there?

 Visit my Dark Goddess Pinterest page for inspiration.

Perhaps you would like to start a moon diary, and spend a few moments writing during each phase of the moon about your feelings, thoughts, emotions and nightly dreams. Keeping a record like this can be extraordinarily helpful way to chart your personal lunar nature. Coming in September: a sample page of my upcoming Lunar Goddess Moon Diary for you to download instantly. I am so excited to offer this sneak peek to you!

·      What is your deepest, darkest secret

·      What part of your personality do you keep private, hidden

·      What is your deepest fear

·      What are your feelings about the darkness of night

Once the dark moon passes, which will be on the 15th, the Lunar Goddess then begins to reveal her light demurely, sparingly, little by little and more and more into the world. During these upcoming waxing, or increasing moons, she becomes more and more visible and begins to gather more and more power and light until she is ready to release it all on the full moon.

All times shown in UTC time. Calculate your time zone here.

Aug 12, 2015 08:52 PM
Moon enters Leo: A Time of Power

Aug 15, 2015 07:45 AM
Moon enters Virgo: A Time of Service

Aug 17, 2015 08:22 PM
Moon enters Libra: A Time of Balance

Aug 20, 2015 09:24 AM
Moon enters Scorpio: A Time of Pleasure

Aug 22, 2015 08:41 PM
Moon enters Sagittarius: A Time of Creativity

Aug 25, 2015 04:22 AM
Moon enters Capricorn: A Time of Discipline

Aug 27, 2015 08:03 AM
Moon enters Aquarius: A Time of Vision

Aug 29, 2015 08:51 AM
Moon enters Pisces: A Time of Love

Aug 31, 2015 08:33 AM
Moon enters Aries: A Time of Action

Aug 14, 2015
Dark Moon: A Time Of Stillness

Aug 17, 2015
New Moon: A Time Of Beginnings

Aug 22, 2015
1st Quarter: A Time Of Evaluation

Aug 24, 2015
Waxing Gibbous: A Time Of Preparation

Aug 29, 2015
Full Moon: A Time Of Letting Go

LUNAR ASPECTS Waxing moons are for gathering, increasing and building up. Perform rituals for transformation during the dark moon, and rituals for increase until the full moon. The dark moon is the time for non-action, as the moon has diminished so, too has her 'power'. As the moon's light brightens, she enters into her awakening phase where she will begin to emerge more and more, gathering power as she does so.

LUNAR GODDESSES Work with the Wise Woman aspect of The Triple Goddess during the dark moon. Her essence is that of wisdom, mystery, healing and death as transformation. She is a very shamanic aspect of The Goddess, and is able to travel between the worlds. Work with the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess from the new moon until the full moon. This is a fresh, young, newly emerging woman aspect of The Goddess, and her maiden essence is that of new starts, fresh beginnings, innocence and purity.

LUNAR MAGIC After the dark moon, it is time for lunar workings of increase and calling in. What do you wish to bring towards you now? Earth and water magic are both wonderful ways of letting inspiring growth and abundance, washing away old thought patterns and situations and planting seeds for new ones.

LUNAR HERBS & OILS Use Mugwort essential oil or herb during the dark moon to induce lucid dreams, psychic visions and for journeying deep into the darkness. Use Juniper essential oil or berries from the new moon to the full moon, as it is a wonderful, fresh, spicy-sweet scent for clearing away the old, and making room for the new.

LUNAR BUSINESS Waxing moons are a time for increase and growth, so it is indicated that now is an excellent for learning new business skills, making modest or elaborate investments, and an incredibly potent time for planting seeds for the future.

LUNAR BEAUTY The key word for lunar beauty during the waning moons is: nourish. This week is perfect for a moisturizing aloe, rose hip and jojoba treatment. Mix 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel with a few drops of rose hip and jojoba oil and use on your face, neck and hands. You can increase this recipe to use as a full body treatment.

LUNAR LOVE The waxing moons encourage connection, so allow yourself to meet, socialize and celebrate life with friends and loved ones. Romance increases during the waxing phases…open your heart and mind for this.  

LUNAR CREATIVITY Ideas, inspirations, and the desire to create, make plans, and start new projects are wildly downloading from the new moon until the full moon, when you will be able to release and deliver them into the world. For now, it is a time of intense research, gathering of information and ideas.

LUNAR ABUNDANCE Your energy is increasing and expanding now, so it is with the flow of abundance now, too. This is a time that is just like the rising tide of the ocean, full, flowing and powerful. Look for ways to invest for your future.

LUNAR DREAMING As the moon increases and grows her light, your subconscious responds by emerging and floating up to the surface. Like an aperture, it begins to open in order to let in more lunar light. Often happy, positive and informative dreams occur from the new moon to the full moon...and during the dark moon, you may experience very mystical and spiritual dreaming. Sleep with a dream journal nearby to record your dreams – many messages may come through.

LUNAR AFFIRMATION I travel with courage and confidence into the deep of Feminine Essence, darkness and mystery. As the lunar light increases, I emerge and step into this light. I am transformed, rebirthed and renewed.

YOUR GODDESS MOON Waxing moons are very expansive and opening, they encourage celebration and ritual. If this is your Goddess Moon, which is the phase that you were born under, you may notice that you are a woman who is drawn to gathering sisters around you, and that you enjoy community and attention. You may feel that your essence and moods are happiest when around others. If this is your Goddess Moon (you can order your Goddess Moon forecast here), know that this is your time of power. All that you are doing during this phase is amplified and accentuated. 

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As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.








































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