THE GODDESS ALMANAC: Handmaiden's Moon

image credit: William-Adolphe Bouguereau. 1882

image credit: William-Adolphe Bouguereau. 1882


As of Wednesday, when this month's first full moon flooded the night sky with her magnificence, we began the delicious descent of the moon as she makes her way down towards the dark moon, when she will disappear from view, encouraging us to do the same. These next several phases of the moon are called 'waning moons' and they indicate for us to slow down, rest, seek deep, sacred innerness, seek solitude and prepare for endings, transformation and an 'in betweenness' that can only be described as alchemical. 

I am an intro-extrovert, which means that my true nature is both extremely solitary, and extremely social - I need both to feel balanced. When I first began to follow lunar rhythms, I realized that it was so soothing to have an 'excuse' for going within, slowing down and being more private, as I am often chided for wanting so much time on my own. Most of my social plans start later in the day, as I find that the beginning of the day is best for me to be with just me...and this is actually very lunar, for while she may rise in the early morning hours, the moon is rarely visible until the sun appears mid-sky as well. 

The waning moons encourage solitude and tranquility. Now is a time for cleansing, detoxing, releasing, resting, letting go, winding down and for preparing to complete things. These moons are also a time for emotional, spiritual and karmic endings. 

And now, your lunar almanac for the waning moons:

All times shown in UTC time. Calculate your timezone here

July 7, 2015 04:37 PMMoon enters Aries: 
Decisiveness, focus, power 

July 9, 2015 07:49 PMMoon enters Taurus:
Common Sense, nurturing, stability

July 12, 2015 12:16 AMMoon enters Gemini:
Intuition, resourceful, communication

July 14, 2015 06:14 AMMoon enters Cancer:
Safety, Security, Home

LUNAR ASPECTS  Waning moons are for letting go and winding down. Perform rituals for transformation and decrease. Now is the time for non-action, as the moon diminishes so, too does her 'power'. As the moon's light dims, she enters into her resting phase where she will go within in order to recharge.

LUNAR GODDESSES Work now with the wise woman aspect of The Triple Goddess. Her essence is that of wisdom, mystery, healing and death as transformation. She is a very shamanic aspect of The Goddess, and is able to travel between the worlds.

LUNAR MAGIC Now it is time for lunar workings of decrease and banishment. What do you wish to release now? Fire and wind magic are both wonderful ways of letting go of old ideas, old thought patterns and situations that no longer serve you. Light a dark or black candle, write what you wish to release and safely set it on fire. Scatter the ashes on the wind once they have completely stopped burning.

LUNAR HERBS & OILS Patchouli oil is very strong aromatic essential oil, with a deep, musky, floral scent. It is associated with the element of earth and so it is perfect for this time as we are going deep within, to our core to connect deeply with our spirituality and emotions.


LUNAR BUSINESS Waning moon decrease, transformation and 'death' always offer wonderful opportunities for cleaning house, so to speak. This is also a good time for evaluating your work situation, your business relationships and how you would like your business and career path to go. Not a time for action, though - this is just a visioning time.

LUNAR BEAUTY The key word for lunar beauty during the waning moons is: detox. This week is perfect for a skin deep juice/smoothie cleanse or a green food cleanse; think dark, leafy greens and deeply colored veggies such as cabbage, beet and carrot. This is also a great time for exfoliating salt scrubs for your body, and gentle sugar scrubs for you face.

LUNAR LOVE The waning moons encourage solitude, so don't be alarmed if you prefer your own company right now. relax, release and allow.  

LUNAR CREATIVITY Ideas, inspirations, and the desire to create, make plans, and start new projects are not on the horizon until the new moon. For now, be happy with dreaming about creating, making and starting. This is a time, however for completion and ending - let your projects wind down and finish...even it is just for now.

LUNAR ABUNDANCE Your energy is going within now, so it is with the flow of abundance now, too. This is a time that is just like the waves of the ocean when the retreat only to swell again as the head towards shore. 

LUNAR DREAMING As the moon decreases and diminishes her light, your subconscious responds by going very deep down. Like an aperture, it closes to let less lunar light, often dark, confusing or very mystical dreams. Sleep with a dream journal nearby to record your dreams - messages may be cryptic, but profound now.

LUNAR AFFIRMATION I allow myself to go within, I gather myself to myself. My energy is best used for myself at this time and I honor myself by seeking solitude, tranquility and rest.

YOUR GODDESS MOON Waning moons are very mystical and magical, they encourage ceremony, shamanic journeys and ritual. If this is your Goddess Moon, which is the phase that you were born under, you may notice that you are a woman who is drawn to these kinds of things. You may feel that your essence and moods are happiest when studying and learning about ancient ways. If this is your Goddess Moon (you can order your Goddess Moon forecast here), know that this is your time of power. All that you are doing during this phase is amplified and accentuated. 


As soon as the dark moon ends, and the first flash of silvery light appears in the night sky, we begin our journey towards the light of the full moon. These are called 'waxing moons' and they carry the essence of expansion, growth, change and nourishment. I usually sense the energy of this primarily with my creativity, and then with my energy overall. I tend to move faster during waxing moons, and find that I desire less sleep, as my mind is very active and alert - more so than during the waning moons, when everything seems to slow down as if it were happening under water. 

The first few bright slivers of lunar light are called crescent moons, and they are the lunar handmaidens, helping the full moon birth herself fully into the world. These moons act as midwives and helpers for us, too, as they guide us through our transition from the darkness into the light on so many levels and in so many ways. Whenever I see a crescent moon above, I take a moment to see where I may need assistance; is it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? Once I understand where I need help, I tailor my lunar workings around this. You may want to ask yourself this question now, too, and then create a personal ritual to support yourself. Here are some ritual inspirations for the waxing days ahead:

Waxing moonlight is very nourishing: eat delicious food, visit a spa, pamper your body
Waxing moonlight is very activating: use this time to create, write, journal, build, organize
Waxing moonlight is very intense: allow yourself to feel, express and process emotions
Waxing moonlight is very powerful: use this time for invocation and calling upon The Goddess

Another side effect of the waxing moons that I experience is a flood of ideas, understanding and much so, that I usually go through several post-it pads and a notebook or two before the moons begin to wane. I do my best brainstorming during waxing moons.

One of my last waxing moon ideas came to me while I was completing my latest free gift for you, the '9 Moons Lunar Goddess Calendar' (download link is at the end of this post). I realized that it would serve you best if my blog posts were timed with the dark and full moons, instead of every week. In this way, you will receive almanac information for all of the 9 moon phases and all of the astrological aspects for each month. In combination with your monthly lunar calendar downloaded to your desktop - you will be very well equipped to flow with lunar essence. That being said...the next installment of The Goddess Almanac will be during the full moon on July 31st, This is also a blue moon, which occurs when there are two full moons in one month. Blue moons are incredibly powerful and happen once every 2 - 2.5 years. 

While researching lunar information on the waxing moon phases, I found a wonderful article that described the experience of the waxing moons so beautifully, and so accurately that I just had to share part of it with you here:

'The weeks of the waxing Moon, going from New Moon to Full, are like an excited climb up a roller coaster. Anticipatory, sky-facing, we feel we're heading towards something big. Reaching the Full Moon brings us to that exquisite pause on the highest peak. We see the whole park as we've never seen it before. The people wandering below are tiny, oblivious; it's like we know something they don't. The car tips downward, sending our heart into our throat. We're momentarily breathless, our vision blurs. We scream! And the whole park is transformed with our Disseminating call.' - Dana Gerhardt

And now, your lunar almanac for the waxing moons: 

All times shown in UTC time. Calculate your timezone here.

July 16, 2015 02:15 PMMoon enters Leo:
Glory, Riches, Power

July 19, 2015 12:46 AMMoon enters Virgo:
Inquiry, Memory, Sympathy

July 21, 2015 01:22 PMMoon enters Libra:
Harmony, Dreams, Balance

July 24, 2015 02:07 AMMoon enters Scorpio:
Passion, Sexuality, Charisma

July 26, 2015 12:24 PMMoon enters Sagittarius:
Optimism, Humor, Honesty

July 28, 2015 06:47 PMMoon enters Capricorn:
Perfection, Goals, Vision

July 30, 2015 09:40 PMMoon enters Aquarius:
Spirit, Matter, Vision

LUNAR ASPECTS Waxing, crescent moons are for assisting and helping others, being of service, starting new projects, making wishes and dreaming big dreams. Now is the time to ask for what you desire, expect it to be delivered and manifest whatever it is you envision. As the moon's light grows, she enters into her gibbous and full phases, which are times for releasing and letting go. Use the crescents to explore what you want to release.

LUNAR GODDESSES Work now with the maiden aspect of The Triple Goddess. Her essence is that of fresh, new beginnings, growth, innocence, sweetness and delight. As the moon grows, work with the aspect of the mother, whose essence is that of life, expansion and nurturing. 

LUNAR MAGIC Now it is time for lunar workings of increase and growth, which can be symbolized by planting seeds, seedlings or young plants deep into the earth. While Spring is usually when we do this, I have found that summer can also be a wonderful time for planting. Try your hand at a magical herb garden, or plant night blooming flowers, such as the moonflower. 

LUNAR HERBS & OILS Juniper Berry's fresh, sweet scent is perfect for the waxing moon, as it helps to keep you open and positive and offers protection as you expand. And, like the crescent moons, juniper is very supportive. Use Jasmine oil or flowers to amplify the expansion, joy and enthusiasm that the moon's waxing light brings. 

LUNAR BUSINESS Waxing moon expansion, increase and growth always offer wonderful opportunities for good commerce, increased wealth and successful business endeavors. This is also a good time for investing, experimenting and starting new ventures.

LUNAR BEAUTY The key word for lunar beauty during the waxing moons is: nourishment. Your skin may need extra moisturizing, softening and toning now. On a cellular level, your skin requires treatments that are deeply nourishing. Try a super-food face mask with 1 tsp each of spirulina and chlorella powders, 1/2 of a mashed avocado and banana mixed with a bit of raw honey. Apply to clean face, and leave for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with cool water and apply Rose Meil facial toner, then your favorite moisturizer. 

LUNAR LOVE Many a love affair has begun under a waxing moon, especially the full moon. If you are already in love...look for opportunities for extra sexy romance and fun during the waxing moons. The expansion of the moon at this time, also means the expansion of your heart - love is increasing now. 

LUNAR CREATIVITY Big ideas, profound inspirations, the desire to create, make plans, and start new projects are all part of the waxing moon's fullness, and 'bigness'. Expect  many 'aha' moments during these next few weeks. 

LUNAR ABUNDANCE Your energy is turning itself way up now, you are expanding in every direction...which is exactly how abundance works. Use this time to ride the waves to amplify and increase health, wealth and happiness. 

LUNAR DREAMING As the moon increases and expands her light, your subconscious responds by opening and expanding, too. Like an aperture, it widens to let in the lunar light, causing epic, vivid dreams. Sleep with a dream journal nearby to record your dreams - messages may be revealed as the waxing moons shed light on your dreamspace.

LUNAR AFFIRMATION I am a daughter of the moon; luminous and bright. The increasing light of the moon inspires me to open, grow and expand. I am strong, powerful and filled with the light of Mother Moon. 

YOUR GODDESS MOON Waxing crescents are the 'helper moons', they are always in service, and are the harbingers of the major lunar phases. They act as the midwives and handmaidens for the light of the moon, helping her to birth it into the world. If this is your Goddess Moon, which is the phase that you were born under, you may notice that you are a woman who is drawn to being of service. You may feel that it is one of your life's purposes to help others - you may even be called to becoming a midwife. If this is your Goddess Moon (you can order your Goddess Moon forecast here), know that this is your time of power. All that you are doing during this phase is amplified and accentuated. 

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

Posted on July 5, 2015 .