THE GODDESS ALMANAC: Transformation Moon

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The ways of The Goddess are all about cycles, change, transformation, flow and transition. She is the ocean rushing to shore and back out again, the rivers flowing down from the mountains, the stars moving across the sky and the earth spinning on its axis. She is the moon waxing and waning. She is the seasons of nature, and the seasons of our lives. She is life, death, beginnings and endings. She is our breath, breathing in and out, and she is our blood flowing through our veins. The Goddess is all things that take us from here to there...and back again. 

Lately, I have noticed The Goddess whispering in my ear to grow, change, shift, transition, complete and let go. This does not surprise me, as we are quickly moving towards the full moon. As always, whenever I feel the lunar call to release and let go, I look in all areas of my life for where this might be best to apply. And, sometimes the letting go is really just a call to reinvent, to release an old vision or idea and either add to it, rearrange it or redesign it. I am usually happiest when I am in some state of reinvention, so I'm excited to share with you what I have planned for The Goddess Almanac. 

Each month, I will choose a special lunar theme for us to focus on, one that I know you will enjoy and have fun with. I'll be coordinating these themes with the Back to The Goddess Pinterest page, so you will have lots of gorgeous imagery to inspire you. 

Also each month, starting with our next installment, I'll be providing a downloadable, at-a-glance, monthly lunar calendar. It will show you each day's lunar phase, and the zodiacal signs that the moon will be visiting along with her astrological and lunar aspects. This way you'll be able to plan all of your moon magic and lunar manifesting much more easily - and in advance. 

Each week, you'll still receive all of the almanac information, such as the goddesses, magic, herbs and oils, etc. and lots of lunar musings, guidance and wisdom - all centered around our monthly theme. I'm excited to share this all with you! And now, without further ado...let's talk about the upcoming FULL MOON and all of its powerful magic and releasing that it offers. 

Whenever you align with the phases of the moon for magic, manifestation, wishing or simply to flow with is good to know that waxing moons are for gaining, increasing, calling forth or bringing things to you. The Moon is waxing from the dark moon until the full moon. And, it is good to know that waning moons are for letting go, releasing, decreasing or sending away. The moon is waning from the full moon until she is dark. 

The Full Moon has the highest concentration of lunar energy, power and potency, and is the most powerful time for lunar workings of transformation, endings, completion and releasing. The New Moon is another very powerful time for lunar workings, but in a different way - this is a time for beginnings, fresh starts and for gathering. Whenever something is just starting or just ending, it is a time of great power. 

The full moon reminds us, that as women, we are in a state of expanding, our essence is active and it has been fully charged with light. You may be sensitive enough to feel this; it often shows up as heightened feelings of intuition, perception, knowing, creativity, energy and power. I tend to feel especially interested in housecleaning, organizing, and either throwing things out or up-cycling them during a full moon - and have been known to purge an entire section of my wardrobe on the night of a full moon. I also feel very emotional just prior to a full moon, and find that I feel like having a good cry the day of a full moon. I find that I deeply desire to manifest a new version of myself, or a new version of a project during this time. I feel most in flux, most transformative during the full moon. 

This week the moon will visit with the following astrological signs:

CAPRICORN MOON The moon moves into Capricorn on July 1, 2015 (@ 09:11 AM) which is a time of cosmic order, justice, organization, ambition, recognition, career. 

AQUARIUS MOON The moon moves into Aquarius on July 3, 2015 (@ 12:21 PM) which is a time truth, spirit, love , science, freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship. 

PISCES MOON The moon moves into Pisces on July 5, 2015 (@ 02:23 PM) which is a time for mysticism, dreams, healing, clairvoyance, telepathy, music, and the creative arts. 

All times above shown in UTC time. Calculate your timezone here

What will you be releasing, letting go of - or reinventing this week? Send me an email, or leave a comment on the webpage blog...I'd love to hear from you. 

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.


Posted on June 28, 2015 .