Image Credit: Gemma Doyle, 'Trilogy' (altered by Back to The Goddess)

Image Credit: Gemma Doyle, 'Trilogy' (altered by Back to The Goddess)

I had a dream the other night, where I met with the goddess of the moon. While it was not the first time she had come to me, I was as delighted to see her then as I was the very first time. I saw her in this recent dream as a diaphanous spirit, lithe and incredibly feminine. She turned to look at me and when our eyes met, she spread her graceful arms wide, and the sheer fabric of the garment she wore floated out at her sides like wings. Then she slowly brought her hands in towards her heart and folded up into herself, diminishing into nothing, and I was left alone, blinking in the dark. The dream was over.

When I awoke, I knew that she had shown herself to me in an intimate, shamanic way, and that some lunar wisdom had been imparted. The goddess of the moon is exquisite, with an ethereal, luminous and otherworldly beauty that captures my attention so completely, so mesmerizingly, that I find I cannot look away. I adore her, and feel so entirely connected to her quiet ways, and her simple, elegant tranquility that I often find myself thinking; I want to be her. 

And, so, I began moving as she did in my dream, opening my arms wide as if they were wings, and then folding them to my heart, and making my body as small and compact as a moth in its cocoon. As I made these movements over and over again, I felt my energy expand, and I felt it contract. Ah, I thought, here is her wisdom. When we align our decisions, actions and life with the lunar phases of expansion and contraction, we become more and more like the lunar goddess, and we embody her ways until our lives begin to flow with her rhythms. For me, this is how to live a magical, feminine life. 

This week, our lunar goddess is busy making her own magic up in the night sky with Venus and Jupiter as they form a cosmic triangle, and what astrology calls a conjunction. Learn more about the conjunction here. Also in this configuration is the star Regulus, the brightest star of the constellation Leo. Each night this week, these bright star-like objects will move closer and closer together until their geometry disappears and they each go on their own way. The triangle - and the number 3, are sacred symbols. Both can be associated with The Triple Goddess and her lunar aspects of the maiden (new moon), mother (full moon) and wise woman (waning crescent/dark moon).

I've been watching the cosmic triangle all week, and as I write to you from my garden, under a darkening violet sky, I can see that Venus, Jupiter and Regulus have now moved out of their triangular pattern and into a perfectly straight line alongside the moon. The appearance of such an alignment has sent many an ancient priestess, witch and magicianess into action making calculations and performing rituals until the early dawn hours. Whenever and wherever things align, there is power.

Another auspicious event is that on Sunday, we passed through the Solstice, which is the longest day of light and the beginning of summer. Solstices are solar events, as they are calculated by the path of the sun across the sky, and when divided, delineate the seasons. I often find that my intense lunar nature has a hard time connecting to them, but this one in particular affected me. Solar essence is fiery, hot, active, intense, physically powerful and 'outward'. Lunar essence is watery, cool, receptive, tranquil, intuitively powerful and 'inward'. The sun nourishes our physical body, while the moon nourishes our spiritual body. Whenever I am out of balance, it is usually with my lunar essence. Study your nature; are you more lunar or more solar? Make note of where you tend to deplete most: in your body, or with your spirit, and which essence most deeply replenishes you: solar or lunar. Feel free to make comments and share - I'd love to hear from you about this!

You may have experienced the days leading up to the solstice as I did; extremely social and active, very busy, with lots of intense feelings and emotions. I definitely overdid it by over-scheduling, making too many plans and staying up way too late for too many nights, On the day of the solstice, my inner moon essence begged for solitude and replenishment. I honored this by canceling my Solstice plans to stay home and nourish my body and spirit. I encourage you to pay close attention to your own inner moon essence this week. With all of the intense celestial events going on you may need extra care and rest. You may also feel incredibly aligned with the magic, mysticism and wonder that all of this auspiciousness brings. 

Enjoy the waxing crescent moon this week as she travels through Virgo, starting on Sunday. This sign really activates your intuition and inner-knowing and you may feel very sure and confident to make decisions based on how you feel, rather than what you know. On Wednesday the moon moves into Libra, whose deep, innate need for balance highlights wherever you are out of balance (remember to look for how your lunar and solar essences are doing). Libra is also very indecisive, which is in stark contrast to Virgo's all knowing essence; you can ride this out by keeping to yourself, and bringing in a sense of humor. On Friday, the lunar goddess visits with the sexy, mysterious, uninhibited, tantric Scorpio for a weekend affair. Scorpio is an intensely intense intensity. Did I mention, that it is also very intense? Scorpio is intuitive, and likes to go deep into the psyche to bring to the surface all of your inner, and often hidden sexual desires- especially those that are unrealized and fantasy-like in nature. Please forgive me for going here, but - it's like 50 shades of sexy when the moon is in this sign.

All times shown in UTC time. Calculate your timezone here.

June 21, 2015 
04:59 PM Moon enters Virgo: 
Heightened intuition, psychicness and laser-like focus 

June 24, 2015 
05:40 AM Moon enters Libra: 
desire for balance and increased indecisiveness

June 26, 2015 
05:56 PM Moon enters Scorpio:
Uninhibited sexual desires and increased creativity

LUNAR ASPECTS  Crescent moons are for assisting and helping others, being of service, starting new projects, making wishes and dreaming big dreams. Now is the time to ask for what you desire, expect it to be delivered and manifest whatever it is you envision. 

LUNAR GODDESSES Work now with the maiden aspect of The Triple Goddess. Her essence is that of fresh, new beginnings, growth, innocence, sweetness and delight. Another powerful goddess to work with during this Solstice is Isis, for she was both a solar and lunar goddess to the ancient Egyptians. Still revered by pagans today, Isis is associated with magic, power, mystery and the cycles of life. 

LUNAR MAGIC Moon Magic Amulet: write one or more wishes onto a piece of paper. Roll it up and put into a small glass vial, along with white rose petals, jasmine flowers, sea salt and silver glitter. Hold this in your dominant hand as you visualize what you desire. When you feel complete, let your amulet bathe in the moonlight for several hours and then carry it with you until your wish is granted.  (You can also order your custom made Moon Magic Amulet here)

LUNAR HERBS & OILS To help navigate through the moon's liaison with Scorpio, add maca root to your daily protein shake to balance your sex hormones, and use rose, neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang, rosewood and patchouli essential oils for anointing.

LUNAR BUSINESS This is a great time to gather new clients, call upon old ones and start a new campaign, sale or promotion. You may find that this week is more for planning, but that's great - you'll launch next week, as the moon will be displaying and encouraging even more fullness.

LUNAR BEAUTY The dark moon last week practically demanded cleansing and detoxing as its waning essence if that of letting go. But the waxing moon wants more - not less, which means it's time for nourishing and moisturizing beauty treatments. Try an herbal facial steam with chamomile, lavender and rose petals. Or, an oatmeal-honey face mask. Add a few drops of vitamin e for extra moisture.

LUNAR LOVE The waxing, increasing light of this week's crescent moon and her travels through Scorpio really amplify your love life. You may notice more flirting, more attraction and more amorous encounters towards the end of the week.

LUNAR CREATIVITY Remember all those ideas that you had just a few days ago, but couldn't quite get the full download, or couldn't quite get them off the ground? Well, it's as if they are infused with rocket fuel now - they are ready to launch. 

LUNAR ABUNDANCE Oh the joys of a waxing moon! Enjoy these days as we make our way towards fullness. Imagine in your mind's eye your health, wealth and happiness increasing, growing and expanding in all directions and filling up to the highest levels.   

LUNAR DREAMING Dreams during the crescent moons often have obvious, or even subtle themes of healing, service and sacrifice. They can be very karmic dreams, which bring a keen sense of an awareness that is needed for deep and profound transformation. You may also dream of starting things, beginning things and conjure creative ideas while in the dreamspace.

LUNAR AFFIRMATION As the moon travels across the earth's night sky, my own inner moon essence travels through my body, my inner sky. Like a spiral, I begin and I end, and then begin again. I expand, open and send out my light. I contract, close and call back my light. I am woman, and I am lunar. 

YOUR GODDESS MOON Crescents are the 'helper moons', they are always in service, and are the harbingers of the major lunar phases. They act as the midwives and handmaidens for the light of the moon, helping her to birth it into the world. If this is your Goddess Moon, which is the phase that you were born under, you may notice that you are a woman who is drawn to being of service. You may feel that it is one of your life's purposes to help others - you may even be called to becoming a midwife. If this is your Goddess Moon (you can order your Goddess Moon forecast here), know that this is your time of power. All that you are doing during this phase is amplified and accentuated. 

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.


Posted on June 21, 2015 .