image credit: Elisa Lazo de Valdez, altered

image credit: Elisa Lazo de Valdez, altered

The Moon is quickly making her way towards complete fullness, as on Monday at 6:39 PM UTC she enters into the phase of waxing gibbous and the sign of Sagittarius until June 4 at 12:50 AM UTC. (Calculate your time zone against UTC time here) The moon in this sign is all about mastery (often showing up as control), knowledge, spirituality and romance. Sagittarius is a very learned, scholarly sign, and when this aspect cozies up with the lunar qualities of mystery, intuition and inner workings the result is that for many of us, this week may inspire a quest to know the deepest, most hidden and most unknown parts of our psyche, and/or life. Later this week the moon will visit the houses of Capricorn (details and order) and Aquarius (innate knowing). You can see the times for these visitations here

The waxing gibbous phase appears so full in the starry night sky, that you may have to look twice to see that she has just a bit of her light hidden behind the veil. Oftentimes while moon gazing during this phase, my eyes play tricks on me and I see her go from gibbous to full and back again reminding me of butterfly wings opening and closing. Butterfly is a totem for transformation and cycles, which is so like the moon. Sagittarius is a fire sign so this is not a sweet, innocent butterfly, but rather one who is on a mission of passionate pursuit of knowledge at all costs. This moon encourages lots and lots of transformation through learning, understanding and wisdom.

You may find that you are feeling both restless and relaxed this week, and these feelings may even cancel themselves out, leaving you standing in the middle of the room not knowing what to do with yourself. It's uncomfortable, but very soon the Capricorn moon comes in on the 4th with all the exact details of what, where, when and how and then an Aquarius moon sashays in on the 6th to calm everyone down with her natural wisdom, deep inner knowing and cool tranquility. You'll finish out the week feeling as if you have gone through something, but you may not be sure of exactly what. Key word for the Sagittarius gibbous moon: flow.

The gibbous phase is so very close to the full moon phase, this indicates a time to prepare yourself for releasing and letting go. Soon, you will let go of all that does not serve you: relationships, habits, thought patterns - anything that causes you pain, discomfort, confusion and upset. This is an excellent time to start cleaning house - literally and figuratively - but remember that the gibbous moon is a time for preparation and planning, so wait until the full moon on Wednesday to do any actual releasing and letting go.

  • LUNAR ASPECTS This moon indicates that we should be in a state of anticipation, waiting, prepared and ready. It is not a time for starting a new project, or casting any new wishes or magic. Now is a time for making our way towards completion, getting ready to let go and release all that has been wished for, planned for and worked on. You are almost there, wait just a tiny bit longer and very soon all that you have been working on will be set into motion. 
  • LUNAR GODDESSES Expressing both the enchantress (waxing) and the mother (full) aspects of The Goddess, the gibbous moon phase is wonderful for working with both of these aspects. Inanna is an enchantress goddess of Mesopotamian origin who will help you to explore, experiment and gain all of the sensual, sexual knowledge that you are yearning for. Work with Gaia, the earth mother goddess for nurturing and creating lush, earthy feelings and expressions.  
  • LUNAR MAGIC This is an excellent time to make a lunar oil infusion to use later as a sensual body oil. Into a clean glass jar or bottle, pour jojoba oil and a few drops of jasmine, ylang ylang or rose essential oil - or all three. For 1 ounce of oil, use up to 15-20 drops total of essential oil. Let sit in the moonlight until just before the sun comes up. Use in the evenings just after a hot bath, just before intimacy or anytime you are feeling the need for pampering.
  • LUNAR HERBS & OILS Interestingly, the herbs that are most associated with Sagittarius, are also those of cleansing and releasing - so perfect for the gibbous moon. Use Red Clover oil on areas where you want smooth, beautiful skin and drink Chicory and Dandelion tea for detoxing. 
  • LUNAR BUSINESS The gibbous moon encourages fine tuning, revisiting, checking details and making sure that everything is ready to go. Be patient as you ride the wave of this urge to check and re-check all the details - in the end you'll be glad that you did. 
  • LUNAR BEAUTY The waxing gibbous moon is a time of preparation and getting ready for releasing, so detoxifying baths, exfoliating scrubs, deep cleansing masks and other such beauty treatments are perfect at this time. Inner beauty tips for this week: eat cleansing, detoxifying and beautifying foods such as rose hip and rose petal tea, green juices, smoothies and salads with dark leafy greens will all be especially good for you at this time. 
  • LUNAR LOVE Sagittarius sets the tone for this week, and she is a sensual, romantic sign that expresses her passion for knowledge in relationships, intimacy and pleasure as strongly as she does with information found in books. You may find yourself curious to try new things with your beloved, feeling bold enough to ask someone out or you may feel a bit more interested in someone that wasn't so interesting before this week. Go ahead and explore, now is the time. The waxing gibbous phase desires completion, release and finalization, so be careful not to pressure yourself or another with too much of this. Relationships have their own timing and while you may feel the urgency of this moon, take a breath and flow. 
  • LUNAR CREATIVITY Not especially a time for starting a new creation, this moon is more about preparing for the completion of what you are already working on, and researching more and more, deeper and deeper until you cannot find one more thing to learn about your project. I have found that I sometimes come to what I think is completion during the gibbous phase, but find it is only a practice run, and true completion occurs during the full moon phase.
  • LUNAR ABUNDANCE Oh, how I love this phase for abundance! You may have been in a mild panic the last few days - or even weeks, worrying about how you were going to make ends meet, when suddenly you are Miss Financial Abundance herself. The beauty of this phase as it moves towards full is that all you have been wishing for, planning, hoping and manifesting for is about to show up. If it doesn't appear immediately, trust that it will in Divine, Goddess time.
  • LUNAR AFFIRMATION I celebrate my mind, my body and my spirit. My mind is open to receive the highest wisdom and knowledge. I ignite my passion and I am ready to release all that does not serve me. 

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

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Posted on May 31, 2015 .