THE GODDESS ALMANAC: To be female is to be lunar

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Long ago, women were the keepers of the fire, the healers, the knowers of all things herbal, magical, and mysterious. In shadowy tents and fire-lit caves, we anointed ourselves with perfumed oils, applied henna to our hands and feet, stained our lips with blood red berries, pierced our earlobes, noses, lips and nether regions—all in the name of The Goddess. We circled together with bare breasts and our wide hips swaying left and right as we danced to the beat of the drums under a moonlit night sky. We stood together outside tribal circles during our moontime when our powers were surging. This was a time when women gathered with women to sing, dance, chant, pray, heal, mourn, laugh…all by the light of the moon. 

Today our bodies are extraordinarily out of synch with Mother Moon, but you can still connect to Her wisdom. One of the ways that I have helped myself re-connect to the lunar essence is by studying each phase to find its meaning and correlation within my life, and then by creating ritual and sacredness for the lunar cycle. 

Each of the moon’s monthly phases offers special guidance and wisdom that align with the celestial aspects for you to use during each phase of the moon for magic and ritual to manifest abundance, romance, relationships, business and so much more.  

CRESCENT MOONS; there are two crescent moons in the lunar cycle, and they the are harbingers of beginnings and endings. They announce that we are about to transition from one phase of our lives to another. In their cycle, they show us that life is always turning on itself and that in everything we do, we will come full circle. The crescent moons are symbolic of how a woman’s natural cycles remind her that in life everything is always on its way towards becoming something else. Everything is always changing. The Lunar Goddess is in transition during these crescent phases; Her wisdom is for you to become aware and patient with your own transitions.

FULL MOON; this moon’s power comes from the enormous amount of light it has gathered and carries to full term, which it then delivers, shining out into the world. In this sense, it is both a receiver and reflector of light. The full moon shines on you so that you are lit up for all to see. It is a time of high visibility. For some, the intensity of this moon can bring up deep feelings of unworthiness as we are shown our true, bright nature. Self-love, positive feelings and loving expressions are a perfect way to support yourself during this time. During the full moon, you may witness the completion of many things. If you allow it, it can assist you in releasing into the world all that you have worked so hard to create. The Lunar Goddess is brightly illuminated during this time; Her wisdom is for you to shine and let yourself sparkle.

DARK MOON; this is an important lunar phase for women that is usually not even recognized on traditional lunar calendars (which consider this phase ‘the new moon’). This brief phase occurs just before the first visible crescent sliver of the new moon and is often called the ‘Dark Goddess,’ the ‘Lilith Moon,’ ‘Kali,’ ‘Hecate,’ and ‘Morrighan Moon’ as it is the moon of the warrioress and protectress. It is also associated with the final transformation—our inevitable descent and transition into the underworld of death. This is a mystical time meant for secret, sacred wisdom—a time to embrace the mysteriousness of your feminine being. This moon takes us into the deep, dark below, all the way down, finally revealing that transformation is a natural part of the full cycle. The Lunar Goddess is quiet and still during the dark moon phase; Her wisdom is for you to go inward, be in the flow, rest, meditate, and be calm. Only when the tiniest sliver of the new moon is visible in the night sky are you ready to emerge as well.

NEW MOON; when the first sliver of the moon’s light becomes visible in the night sky, it is called the new moon, or waxing crescent. Light first emerges from the dark of the underworld, ready to be born again into the world. This is a time of new life, resurrection, beginnings, and new ventures. It is an excellent time to move, begin to become active, begin to plan and prepare. Just as the moon does not reveal herself fully at this time, neither should you. Allow your ideas and projects to build powerful energy and gather light by keeping them close during this time. The Lunar Goddess is planning and preparing for Her appearance in the world at this time; Her wisdom is for you to imagine that your body is a vessel receiving and absorbing light.

Even if you were never aware of the moon’s influence in your life and upon your body, she is there, shining down on you. Even if her cycles and phases mean no more to you than light coming and going at night, her rhythm still affects you. And even if your monthly blood was nothing more than a nuisance to you, every drop is still called forth by the sacred force of the moon.

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

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all content © 2015 Renée Starr

© 2015 Renée Starr

Posted on May 18, 2015 .