image credit: eric ceccarini 

image credit: eric ceccarini 

On Monday, the moon entered into an 'in between' phase. The half moon is a half-way point between this world and the next. This is a time of special Goddess magic for opportunities, for crossing over thresholds and for finding harmony and balance within - this moon is also about order, fairness and justice.

The Great Mother Moon now displays herself as half lit, and half dark, which is often called a half moon, or first quarter phase. As she makes her way across the heavens, she will be visiting the house of Virgo as of 8:51 Monday morning UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and will remain there until Wednesday. Later this week, the moon will call upon the houses of Libra (balance), Scorpio (sensuality), Sagittarius (intensity), Capricorn (order), Aquarius (freedom) and Pisces (emotions).  You can calculate your time zone against UTC time here. As Virgo sets the tone for this week, it is good to know that it is an introverted, feminine sign ruled by Mercury and the intellect. A meticulous, watchful, detail oriented and very practical essence, Virgo can also be fussy, critical and harsh. 

The half moon in the house of Virgo offers much opportunity for balance, as well as a hyper-attention to detail. You may, however, pay so much attention to detail, that it can cause you to excessively worry. Remember to tap into the half moon's essence of calming harmony; ground yourself, breathe deeply, and recognize that all is well. Virgo has a deeply thoughtful, inner nature and primarily lives in the mind, which may cause you to go deep within,  and feel very private this week. This sign has an excellent work ethic, and you may find the theme of this week is; 'Get it DONE'. Virgo also likes to push the edge of the envelope, so try not to go overboard with getting things done this week. Virgo does not like to take breaks, but the half moon practically insists upon taking several.

With the new moon far behind us, we no longer feel like starting projects or creating anything new, but rather we now crave purpose and motivation. We want to do something, be in action and get things going - not plan or organize. The funny thing about half moons and halfway points is that they carry the energy of starting and stopping, beginnings and endings. This can be confusing as you feel like shining, and getting out there with your goddess-self, but you also feel like being quiet, and going within to think about everything before you do it. The time of the half moon is for honoring both feelings. Now is a time for pausing, for taking a breath, and for gathering energy and momentum in anticipation for the moment when the gates will open wide and out you go like a shooting star in the night sky.

Half moons offer us a truly profound - but fleeting opportunity for exquisite, deeply spiritual harmony, and you can tap into this dynamic lunar essence until the moment when the moon begins to show her bulge, for that is when she is no longer halfway here, and halfway there. Imagine this moon as a portal of light that exists between the realms of that which is physical and that which is not, and as a portal whose opening is closing very soon.

  • LUNAR ASPECTS if you made any wishes, or cast any spells during the new moon, the half moon is a good time to strengthen, nourish and infuse those workings with extra power - think of this as watering your seedlings. This moon is also an excellent time for astral travel between worlds, shamanic journeying and meditation. It is not really a time for casting magic, manifesting desires or starting projects, but it is a good time for increasing, adding to and building up. Virgo influences the precision and details of your lunar workings during this phase. 
  • LUNAR GODDESSES Work with Aphrodite to increase your feminine, sexual power (as the moon moves towards full, so does your libido), raise your self-esteem and cultivate more self-love. Work with Venus to help create harmony in your romantic relationships, and to bring forth love in all of its sweetest forms. Work with Quan Yin to cultivate a loving feeling for all of creation, and to bring you personal harmony and peace. Virgo reflects the 'virgin' or innocent maiden aspect of The Goddess, so this is a wonderful time for renewal and/or reinvention of your feminine persona.
  • LUNAR MAGIC Try your hand at lunar scrying, as the veil between worlds is thin at this time. Under the light of the half moon; fill a dark colored bowl with clean, spring water. Light a white candle, letting the light shine upon the surface of the water. Ask one question at a time, as you stare into the bowl. Wait for a trance-like feeling to come over you and allow your mind to answer your question. Write down the answers, and ask again, or complete your magic by offering thanks to Mother Moon and pouring the water into the earth. Remember that Virgo wants details - lots of details so it's ok to follow the urge to ask for more than one answer to a single question. 
  • LUNAR HERBS & OILS Among the plant materials I like to work with during the phases of the moon that have anything to do with darkness ,are roots and resins . I especially like to to use roots during the half moon, as roots themselves are in between things, growing deep down in the earth while connected to stems that push up and out towards the surface. Use ground angelica root and frankincense 'tears' (small tear-shaped bits of resin) for tapping into the half moon's mystical, otherworldly qualities. Sleep with a bit of the root under your pillow for wild, epic dreaming, and burn the resin for oracle-like visions. Virgo is associated with the lower body/digestive system; cook with or eat these herbs: anise, parsley, fennel.
  • LUNAR BUSINESS This week you will feel a rush of activity and progress with your business and livelihood. Any projects begun in the last several days (or weeks) will come to fruition or at least approach completion at this time. Virgo in business is very analytical and likes to overdo, so try not to overwork yourself and micro-manage the natural flow - let things unfold naturally.
  • LUNAR LOVE You may find that any existing intimate, romantic relationships are just so-so right now, and waver between ending and restarting - which can be maddening with the over-planning-commit-to-me-now-or-else nature of Virgo. Wait this out, for as soon as the half moon passes, and moves towards her fullness - so does sexiness, romance and your lover's full attention. Newer relationships may not get off the ground at all during this time, but again - wait a few days as that spark may soon ignite into a full blown blaze. 
  • LUNAR CREATIVITY This is not a time for starting new creative projects, and you may not feel overly motivated to be creative at all. This is a time for stepping back and looking with new eyes at what you have created. See it from a fresh, new perspective. It is also a time for walking away entirely, returning later to pick it back up when your energy and perspective are renewed. Use Virgo's keen sense of timing and attention to detail to know when to look away, and when to scrutinize.
  • LUNAR ABUNDANCE Hovering between masculine action and feminine stillness, this moon phase is for being both in subtle action and conscious stillness at the same time. A time to simultaneously give and receive. How on earth does one do this? By offering, giving and gifting with child-like generosity, knowing in the heart of your heart that anything you give away with love comes back to you many-fold.
  • LUNAR AFFIRMATION I am that which is spirit, and that which is form. Between the earth and the sky I manifest this life with magic, beauty, grace and ease.

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

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Posted on May 25, 2015 .