My life is filled with files, folders, small scraps of paper, bits of wisdom, ideas, bookmarked links, books and charts all having something to do with either The Goddess or the moon.  Equally obsessed with both, my interest in the ways of the moon began once I understood that I am just as she is; cyclical and ever changing. While the sun and his radiant, life-giving essence belong to everyone, the moon and her deep, inner cycles belong exclusively, deliciously and mysteriously to women. Why is this?

Our bodies are literally governed by the moon.

When the moon is waxing towards full, she is becoming her fullest, most potent version of lunar loveliness—this is a time of growing and increasing. If you are in synch with the moon, then your body is preparing to grow new life within, and your life will begin to feel like its fullest, most potent version of itself. Aside from the pregnancy and fertility aspects of this lunar phase, it is also an excellent time for growing and increasing your business, your bank account, your creativity and your love life.

As the moon wanes into the depths of her own darkness, she is letting go of the very last slivers of her lunar light, becoming her darkest, most secretive version of lunar mystery—this is a time of releasing and letting go. If you are in synch with the moon (and you are not pregnant), then your body is preparing to release your moontime blood from the inner darkness of your womb and your life is now reflecting solitude and inner reflection. Aside from the menstrual aspects of this lunar phase, it is also an excellent time for letting go of whatever is no longer serving you, such as relationships, habits, projects and thoughts.

The moon is predictable, to be sure—but she is not a simple. Constantly in flux, she changes her phase every 2.5 days, and moves across the sky with an elegant, ceremonial demeanor as she takes time to visit the mansion, or house of each zodiac sign that she is passing through. These visits affect her aspects, gender and essence and when we study all of this, we can use it to manifest, gather, release, wish, dream, love and create.

Long ago, ancient peoples began to record the movements of the sun, stars, planets and moon in order to plan when to do certain things, such as plant, harvest, mate livestock and celebrate the seasons. Eventually they wrote these findings down, first upon stone tablets, and then onto scrolls and finally into books—which were eventually called almanacs. Modern day almanacs contain all kinds of things, such as gardening tips, recipes, folk stories as well as lunar, solar and planetary information. Today, we hardly use almanacs anymore, as most of us are not farming our way through life—but, what if there were a woman’s almanac, filled with Goddess, lunar, planetary, and feminine wisdom that helped women to live a richer, fuller and more magical life? It would be fantastic!

Welcome to The Goddess Almanac, where each week I will forecast the current movements of the moon in the night sky, the whereabouts of the planets and any other important celestial events, along with lunar ritual, Goddess wisdom and insight so that you can deepen your relationship to your own lunar nature, your own inner-goddess and experience your relationships, business, health, beauty, creativity and feminine power in a much more flowing and graceful way.

As always, I am wishing you Goddess blessings and lunar light! 

Moonologist Renée Starr spends most of her time researching, writing and teaching ancient Goddess and lunar wisdom. Read her full bio here.

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Posted on May 11, 2015 .