image credit: Renée Starr, 'Isis Revealed', original watercolor, 2011

I woke spontaneously from a deep sleep while the sky was a dark sapphire blue and the rising sun was still hours away. I felt as if someone had just whispered in my ear; now, Renée, now.

Staring at me from outside my bedroom window was a huge, glowing Isis Moon', with five very large, very bright planets all lined up above her. I went to the window and blinked a few times, completely in awe of the celestial event I was witnessing, and then let out a long sigh while wondering if I might still be sleeping and this was a dream. 

The moon often wakes me up as she makes her way across the night sky, and the four tall french windows across from my bed are the perfect frame for her easterly ascent. I sometimes wonder why I wake up to the moon, and think that it's because I am so aligned with her, and so interested in her every move that perhaps my subconscious mind has itself on a moon-watch, and knows when she is shining upon me, even while I am sleeping. Or perhaps - and I like this explanation the best, the moon herself is actually calling to me, and somewhere within my psyche, somewhere deep and primal, I can hear her voice; now Renée, now. 

The 'Isis Moon' is what I call a moon that sits in the sky with its horns pointing upwards on either side, just like the horns of the cosmic cow that grace the top of the goddess Isis' head. Isis, a powerful magicianess, shamaness and lunar goddess of transformation wears this crown to remind us of her mother aspect of spiritual nourishment and feminine sacredness, which is represented by the cosmic cow, and of her other goddess personification of Hathor, goddess of beauty. Traditionally, this moon is known as a 'Cheshire Moon', after the cat in Alice in Wonderland, who's smile was the last thing to go before he disappeared completely, or a 'Wet Moon' which is in reference to the Hawaiian myth of Kaelo the Waterbearer who uses the bowl-like crescent moon to fill it with water during the winter months, and then turns it upside down to empty it in the summer months, causing the 'Dry Moon'. 

The five sparkling gems that were all lined up above the moon, are called 'The Five Visible Planets' and they usually appear right around now in the Northern Hemisphere. These five planets are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and they are quite a sight to see when they show up. All I could was stare at them, on that early twilight morning, and wonder what this planetary event was all about.

The number five has much spiritual and mystical symbolism associated with it. Numerologically speaking, five is a very vibrant and energetic number, with an exciting, unpredictable, and always in motion essence. The personality of this number is that of continual change and transformation. With an almost equivalent mix of masculine and feminine vibrations, five is just slightly a bit more feminine, but this is a brave, courageous and tomboy-like kind of feminine – not at all a demure or submissive feminine essence. Think Durga, Diana or Artemis, as opposed to Aphrodite, Eve or Selene. The number five also has very early, Pagan roots associated with the pentagram, and was thought to have first been representative of the five visible planets, and the five-fold principles or concepts of the cosmos which were in turn related to the five parts of the human body; the head, the two arms, and the two legs, to the five senses; taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, and of the connection of spirit to the four elements; air, earth, fire and water. 

I do encourage you to look up and witness the five visible planets for yourself, perhaps tonight or very soon. You can use the appearance of the them, and the dark moon (it happens tonight) to bring in more courage and strength,  and to balance and experience your life with all of your senses.You can take a brief inventory to explore your senses on a deeper, more lunar (emotional) level. Use the list of prompts below for guidance and inspiration:

TASTE what is your relationship with food like; enjoyable, stressful?
SMELL what old, painful memories are causing you blockages?
SIGHT what are you willing to look at more deeply at this time?
HEARING who is the real voice behind your inner critic?
TOUCH how often do you allow yourself to be held, hugged, touched?

And now, I'd like to focus a bit more on the relationship and associations of the planets, zodiac signs and the moon...but before we begin, let's set the scene. 

Imagine, if you will, that the moon is a woman of a certain age - perhaps in your mind's eye, she is youthful, lithe and lovely, or perhaps she is womanly, motherly and kind...or she may be sensual, sexy and kittenish, or even grandmotherly, wise and strong. Now that you have your image of her in your mind, imagine her as she takes her nightly strolls across the sky, and visits with each of the constellations for lunch, and meets with each of the planets for tea. 

The moon's nature is quite receptive, and so she is easily influenced as she socializes, by the nature of each planet and zodiac sign until it is time for her to rest, during the dark moon, when she will go within to wind down, be still, and heed her own counsel and study her own nature. When the moon visits with the zodiac signs, we say she is 'in' them, as it's as if she is visiting with them inside their home. When she visits with the planets, we say she is in relationship to them, or 'aspects' them.

When we study the moon's phases, we learn of her lunar ways. When we study her phases in relationship to and with the planets and zodiac signs, we learn of our lunar ways. 

WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS MERCURY it has to do with the mental body, thought, thinking, the mind, telepathy, messages, divination, psychic abilities, magic, wisdom, alchemy and symbolism.
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS VENUS it has to do with emotions, life experiences, feelings, love, joy, relationships, sacred sexuality, The Divine/Sacred Feminine.
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS MARS it has to do with physical activity, impulses, urges, will, power, courage, strength, life force, sexuality, energy.
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS JUPITER it has to do with fortune, soul contracts, patterns - both breaking them and starting them, truth, expanding, freedom, liberation, benevolence. 
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS SATURN it has to do with limitations, focus, goals, responsibility, accountability, restrictions, collective thought.
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS URANUS it has to do with understanding, authenticity, change, problem-solving, risk-taking, crystalline clarity.
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS NEPTUNE it has to do with peace, collective consciousness, the soul, deep soul diving, profound self- insight. 
WHEN THE MOON ASPECTS PLUTO it has to do with depth, darkness, the underworld, sexual abandon, deeply symbolic messages. 

Here is one of my favorite moon books to reference where she is in relationship to the planets, the signs and everything else. 

WHEN THE MOON IS IN ARIES it has to do with new understanding, beginnings, boundaries, rules, limits - fresh starts. 
WHEN THE MOON IS IN TAURUS it has to do with earth, grounding, sensuality, love, beauty and nature, stubbornness, determination, conviction. 
WHEN THE MOON IS IN GEMINI it has to do with the interconnectedness of life, giving and receiving, ideas, learning, information, knowledge, ideas.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN CANCER it has to do with lunar essence, the light and the dark, home, safety, securing, nurturing, nourishing, femininity.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN LEO it has to do with the life force, vitality, community, truth, inspiration.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN VIRGO it has to do with details, attention, spontaneity, community, joy, love of life, artistry, creativity.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN LIBRA it has to do with balance, karma, justice, flow, diplomacy.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN SCORPIO it has to do with death, transformation, rebirth, shedding the old - making way for the new, change, insight, sexuality/sensuality.
WHEN THE MOON IS IN SAGITTARIUS it has to do with spirituality, spiritual lessons/teachings, ceremony, ritual, inner peace. 
WHEN THE MOON IS IN CAPRICORN it has to do with manifesting, personal power, organization, rulership, service, framework, memory, completion. 

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Nov 12, 2015 03:14 PMMoon enters Sagittarius

Nov 15, 2015 12:21 AMMoon enters Capricorn

Nov 17, 2015 07:24 AMMoon enters Aquarius

Nov 19, 2015 12:21 PMMoon enters Pisces

Nov 21, 2015 03:12 PMMoon enters Aries

Nov 23, 2015 04:26 PMMoon enters Taurus

Nov 25, 2015 05:15 PMMoon enters Gemini

Nov 27, 2015 07:26 PMMoon enters Cancer

Nov 30, 2015 12:47 AMMoon enters Leo

Posted on November 11, 2015 .