THE GODDESS ALMANAC: Initiations of The Moon

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I am currently in an intense and powerful cycle of initiation.

Perhaps you are, as well. This particular moment in time is one of great transformation and deep change - on so many levels, and during this intense time I have found myself turning my gaze upwards towards the Great Mother Moon, studying her phases for guidance. 

Tonight, the moon will present her last Super, Full moon phase of the year...and if your journey with all of these super/full moons, and eclipses has been like mine, you may be bracing for impact. This year has been so transformational, so altering and so upheaving...that we may not recognize ourselves when it's over - and I mean that in the very best of ways as my sense of this is that even though this time may be scary, painful and uncomfortable, we are being initiated to become something better, something more. We are being prepared to elevate our lives.

This year has been about stripping it down to the bone of the bone, the heart of the heart and the soul of the soul. And as this year is coming to a close, now is the time to make any last minute changes that will set up the next year to really, truly, finally be who you want to be, do what you want to do and create the life that you really want to live. 

Each lunar phase offers us the wisdom of either opening or closing, increasing or decreasing, accelerating or slowing down...and as the moon progresses through her cycle, we are reminded that we come from the void (dark moon), are born into the light (new moon) and then fade slowly back into the darkness (gibbous, half, crescent and dark moons), only to be born once again. The lunation cycle is filled with many initiations into and out of the light, and many opportunities for growth, and for a deeper understanding of our deepest, most inner goddess-selves. 

What does this mean to be initiated into and out of the light?

To initiate means to 'cause a process or action to begin'. Spiritually speaking, the moon causes, or activates us
and her phases are times of initiation when our feminine, lunar nature either descends downwards into the darkness of the unknown, or begins the ascent up towards the light of awareness. It is also a time to let 'die' the parts of us that must be released and make room for ther parts to be born. 

During the waning moons we begin to connect to the part of our psyche that is
mysterious, wild and primitive and during the waxing moons we begin to have new awareness, and we awaken our dormant feminine powers. The appearance and disappearance of the moon from dark to full is also symbolic of The Goddess veiled, and unveiled, unrevealed and revealed. If you study the moon and her phases, you will find that in many, many ways you, too are veiled and unveiled throughout the month - that your mood becomes more inward and private and that it also emerges and wants to shine. 

Ritual and ceremony are two ways of supporting the process of initiation, and can also help you to stay grounded and feel soothed during the turbulence that initiation can cause.

Below in the Almanac section of this post, you'll find many ways to bring in ritual and ceremony, but o
ne of my absolute favorite ways is to incorporate water, most especially by bathing in it, but also by visiting natural bodies of water, such as rivers, ponds, oceans and even being out in the rain. Water is very lunar, very feminine, and very cleansing, and purifying - it helps to prepare the physical body for the spiritual experience of initiation. You can visit my Pinterest board called ‘Sacred Waters’ for inspiration on ways to work with the element of water.

All times shown in UTC time. Calculate your time zone here.

Oct 27, 2015 06:07 AM
Moon enters Taurus:
Initiation to The Earthly Realm

Oct 29, 2015 06:24 AM
Moon enters Gemini:
Initiation to The Cosmic Mind

Oct 31, 2015 09:09 AM
Moon enters Cancer:
Initiation to The Higher Heart

Nov 2, 2015 03:47 PM
Moon enters Leo: 
Initiation to One's Personal Power

Nov 5, 2015 02:22 AM
Moon enters Virgo:
Initiation to Purity & Innocence

Nov 7, 2015 03:14 PM
Moon enters Libra:
Initiation to Balance & Harmony

Nov 10, 2015 04:02 AM
Moon enters Scorpio:
Initiation to Desires & Passion

October 27th: A time for reflection, completion, trusting, releasing & letting go and letting Goddess.

October 29th: A time for: checking in to see if everything is complete, and you have released all that no longer serves you.

November 2nd: A time for looking back to learn from your past choices, and a time for looking ahead towards the future to what you wish to create and manifest.

November 5th: A time for offering and receiving assistance, help and support.

November 10th: A time for rest, quietude, tranquility, prayer, meditation, inward exploration, working with the shadow-self. 

LUNAR ASPECTS OF INITIATION These are times of change, transformation and power that occur whenever the moon is going from one phase to the next, and at the very beginning and the very end of the lunation cycle, which is something that you can calculate, such as starting on the full moon, new moon or dark moon - or any moon that you wish. 

LUNAR GODDESS OF INITIATION Oya, who is the Nigerian goddess of the Yoruban people, whose essence is that of death/endings, transformation, release, surrender and change. Powerful intense and loving, she is a mother goddess whose essence encourages us to let go of fear, embrace change and find power in transformation. Her essence is similar to the ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, the Hindu goddess Kali and the Hawaiian goddess Pele. 

LUNAR MAGIC FOR INITIATION Working with the moon during times of initiation is very powerful and very intense. Expect to experience and see immediate change, immediate results - but not on the physicallevel. Expect to see this more on the more subtle and spiritual levels. Perform magical rituals of devotion, invocation, gratitude and for setting intentions. 

LUNAR HERBS & OILS FOR INITIATION Ceremonial herbs and resins for blessing, for rites of passage and for temple use are wonderful during times of initiation. Use white sage to purify your body and space, sweet grass to remind you of the sweetness of life, palo santo for prayerwork and frankincense to create sacred space.  

LUNAR BUSINESS & INITIATION  Combining business with spirituality is a very, very powerful thing - and something that can yield amazing results. The beginning of new business ventures require ceremonies of blessing and the endings of businesses require ceremonies of gratitude. If you are already running a business with no plans to close it, you can offer a ceremony to initiate continued growth and prosperity.

LUNAR BEAUTY INITIATIONS Sacred Bath to cleanse the body, mind and spirit during any moon phase: 1 cup of sea salt, a handful of white rose petals, 10 drops rose essential oil. Swirl the water counter clockwise to remove negative energies and then clockwise to bring in positive energy. Soak and relax. 

LUNAR LOVE INITIATIONS While love itself is an initiation, during times of personal initiation you may feel like being alone and so loving yourself as intensely as you would love another is a wonderful thing to do. This is a time to release self-judgment and quiet the inner critic. 

LUNAR CREATIVITY INITIATIONS This is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try a new technique, show your work publicly, or take a class to learn a new creative skill.

LUNAR ABUNDANCE INITIATIONS Abundance may fluctuate wildy during a time of initiation, as your own energies are ofetn scattered and in flux. Breathe, be patient...and trust.

LUNAR DREAMING FOR INITIATION Dreams during this time may take on a ceremonial, ritualistic or epic quality. They may seems and/or feel otherworldly and strange. Keep a journal nearby to record any messages and insight that you may receive.

LUNAR AFFIRMATION FOR INITIATION "I allow myself to transform with grace and ease, to change easily and effortlessly and to become that which I am destined to be."

YOUR GODDESS MOON is the moon under which you were born.  If the full moon is your Goddess Moon (you can order your Goddess Moon forecast here), you are at your best when emerging and shining your light. Know that this is your time of power. All that you are doing during this phase is amplified and accentuated. 





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Posted on October 26, 2015 .