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"Long ago, women were the keepers of the fire, the healers, the knowers of all things herbal, magical, and mysterious. In shadowy tents and fire-lit caves we anointed ourselves with perfumed oils, henna-ed our hands and feet, stained our lips with blood red berries, pierced our lobes, noses, lips and nether regions all in the name of The Goddess. We circled together with our wide hips swaying left and right and our breasts bare as danced to the beat of the drum under a moonlit night sky.

 There was a time when women gathered with women to sing, dance, chant, pray, heal, mourn and laugh…and to bleed. Yes, there was a time when together, during the dark of a new moon, our blood waters flowed as one. Once, all women were held sacred as a goddess. That time is returning and it is good to practice the old ways once again.

 But what exactly are the old ways? Our ancestors had the pleasure of being taught the rituals, the wisdom and magic of being a lunar woman by elder women; mother to daughter, grandmother to granddaughter, aunt to niece. They learned stories, dances, chants and herbal mixtures as well as how to see themselves mirrored in and to live as nature does. They knew how to live as the embodiment of The Goddess and align with the ways of the moon. To be female is to be lunar, and these teachings have not been lost.

 While there are many paths to walk as a woman in search of her goddess self, the way of the moon is a good place to begin.

 I have always felt deeply connected to the moon and it is my hope that by connecting to lunar wisdom you will remember your natural rhythms, be in awe of your powerful connection to nature and delight in connecting to your own cyclical goddess-nature…and to the moon."

From the 9 Moons Goddess Guide: Lunar Wisdom

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